There are thousands of great blogs out there, help learn Yoruba Recipes! And no doubt that everyone has a very different way of food preparation!

As a mum, who has a daughter who was getting curious about food, and who would love to pass on the Yoruba traditions and food culture to her kids, I decided to start a compilation of really simple recipes. Easy to make from a kid’s perspective. My goal however is to start introducing her to the basics, and passing on the basics of how I was taught to make these recipes in a safe way. We will use simple tools and simple steps.

These recipes may not always be full and complete meals, but I can assure you, as they learn how to make little part of a meal, they will be whipping out full menus in no time!

The hope is that as your kids try out these recipes, they will modify or even improve on these foods as they develop their taste buds and continue on to explore our rich heritage and culture! So, explore several simple foods that kids can create on their own or with assistance from their parents or even as a group in a cooking camp! Let’s preserve this amazing food culture and tradition.

We would love to go on this journey as we share. Hope you and kids can get the kitchen and get to cooking.

*We would also love to hear from you as you try out these recipes and we would love to feature some of your own family recipes. Tag us on Facebook or instagram. I look forward to comments or new ways to prepare the same foods or different Yoruba foods you share with your family.

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Fried Plantain

Plantains are member of the banana family. It is starchier than bananas. Fried plantain is eaten in many cultures and the Yoruba people especially love to eat it in so many ways. Learn this fun recipe and enjoy it as a side with rice or beans or as a main meal with stew or simply with fried eggs! TOOLS AND KITCHEN EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Frying pan Kid-Safe Knife Measuring cup Chopping board

Mother Sauce

 The Mother Sauce, popularly knowns as “Ọbẹ̀ Ata” in Yoruba, is a sauce used as a base in making several Yorùbá Recipes. Know how to make this basic staple and you are halfway in making a whole lot of Yummy Yoruba Recipes! TOOLS AND KITCHEN EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Immersion Blender Non-slip cutting board A Kid Safe Knife Colander Wooden Spoon Stock Pot Bowl

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