About Yoruba for Kidz

YORUBA FOR KIDZ  is  committed to be the world’s leading Yoruba Language Program and Resource Provider for kids, 18 and younger. The Yoruba Culture and Language  is extremely rich and we celebrate it! We believe in building a community and promoting a strong heritage identity. Let us continue to revitalize the Yoruba Language for all generations!

We are also the leading Yoruba Language Providers  for your adults 18 and older. Click to check our website for adults  at  YORUBA FOR ADULTS

Meet the Founder

Meet the visionary behind Yoruba for Kidz, Tiwalade Ajeigbe—a woman whose love for children and dedication to promoting heritage pride have ignited a journey dedicated to inspiring a love for the Yoruba language and culture.

Tiwalade’s journey began with her own children, who were born and being raised in the United States of America. As they grew, she started to realize the need for them to be confident and take pride in all of who they were and she saw the need to have them connect with their roots. She decided as a first step to being intentional about introducing them to Yoruba Language, their heritage language.

In that Journey, Tiwalade recognized the need for Yoruba resources that not only taught Yoruba but did so in a way that captured the interest of kids in this new age.

So Tiwalade embarked on a mission to create fun and engaging resources that would not only teach Yoruba to kids but also keep them captivated with focus on high standards.

Tiwalade works as a Process Engineer with a BS in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. Combining her technical flair, her business background with her creative spirit, she created this comprehensive platform, Yoruba for Kidz , that makes learning Yoruba a joyous experience for kids.

Beyond Yoruba for Kidz, Tiwalade extends her impact to adults through Yoruba for Adults camps, recognizing the importance of language preservation across all age groups. Her vision is to create a comprehensive platform that caters to both children and adults, fostering a community where the Yoruba language and culture is celebrated , enjoyed , and passed down through generations.

About our Resources:

Yoruba for Kidz  provides hundreds of resources to to help support your Yoruba learning journey. Our resources are designed to be high-quality,  visually appealing and entertaining, ensuring that learning becomes fun. We create a range of resources and educational tools like:

Our resources are a helpful support  for institutions, families or individuals. You can create your own lesson plans, or just get online and explore on your own!  We turn language learning into an exciting experience that keeps kids hooked. Join the Club and become a premium member today!

About our Camps :

Our Camps are simply Yoruba Classes Online with Live Instructors to teach your kids how to speak Yoruba!

Yoruba for Kidz  Camps are are great way to get started on learning Yoruba or brushing up your Yoruba skills. Our Camps are online and interactive, led by live instructors.  Classes are primarily focused on improving spoken language , however at the end of classes our campers should have some knowledge of reading and writing in the language as well. 

Our camps introduce concepts with cultural perspectives and within contexts. We highly discourage direct translation from your 1st language to Yoruba. We encourage students to be active learner  encouraging  lots of practice during and outside classes with no judgement. We love role playing! Join our camps and your child(ren) will be coming up with their own sentences and communicating easily and fluently in no time!

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