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Welcome to the Yoruba for Kidz Club!

How are you doing in your journey to learning Yoruba?
Learning a New language does not have to be a chore! You can have fun with it.
Join the Yoruba for Kidz Club in their journey!
Enjoy fun episodes From the YFK Club!

What is the Yoruba for
Kidz Club?

Episode 1 :
What do you know?

Episode 2 :
The Mystery Food Challenge

Episode 3 Part 1 :
Couting by 10’s ? How?

Episode 3 Part 2:
Counting by 10s : The Challenge

Episode 4 :
Wale Wipe

Episode 5 :
How Many Yoruba Words Can You Guess?

Episode 6 :
Yoruba Beyblade Jeopardy Battle

Episode 7 :
Yoruba Name Game

Episode 1 :
Checking in with Yoruba for Kidz

Episode 2 :
Checking in with Yoruba for Kidz

Iya Ni Wura By Yoruba for
Kidz Campers